Megan Raposa

A native of South Dakota for most of my life, I currently attend Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD with majors in Communication/Business Administration and Journalism.

I was born to write, and before I knew the alphabet, I would dictate stories to my parents. Many of my elementary school years were spent writing short narratives about my friends from school. When my high school did not have a school newspaper, I started one using Microsoft Publisher and articles written by a few friends. Even though we only published two issues, the experience taught me the tremendous amount of work that goes into providing the general public with news. My first concrete journalism experience came in my freshmen year of college when I started writing for our weekly publication The Augustana Mirror. At the start of my sophomore year, I was promoted to the editor of the Forum section of the Mirror, and I currently work as editor-in-chief.

Through all of my journalism classes, the strong link between journalism and fields such as government and public relations becomes increasingly prevalent. Particularly, the relationship between the media and democracy is imperative. The Founding Fathers knew that the freedom of the press needed to be protected, and these freedoms remain pertinent in the age of information. Whether journalism continues in print, online or whatever the next technological advance may be, I hope to be at the forefront of providing information and maintaining a free press.

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